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Refined and confident. Ingenious and versatile.
A vision in oak

The Henley begans as an all-drawer concept. We wanted it to appear simple but think smart. Until very recently, our solid oak Henley kitchen occupied the realm of traditional country kitchen. But we knew that it could do more. We looked at what worked and what didn’t. We considered what we wanted it to become. Now, Henley translates at each end of the style spectrum, from classic to contemporary and everything in-between.


Sophisticated yet demure, cutting-edge, a future classic


Oak, tulipwood and plywood


Unpainted oak, protected with IsoGuard; Snow


Unpainted oak; Mist


Magnetic Black-Bronze

One kitchen. Countless different looks.

Different layouts, different colours, different handles, different flooring and different walls. The possibilities aren't quite endless, but they're close.

Neptune Henley Kitchen

Design details

Every Neptune kitchen is special. But each one has a few hidden secrets that make it unique to our other collections. They help to define it, and to give each one its own hand-writing. And then there are those design details that they share from our cutlery inserts to our slim space cabinetry ......

Pan drawers

Neptune Pan drawers“ title=

The Henley’s pan drawers are a bit of an icon. Giles (our co-founder) has the Henley in his family’s home; his children used to hide in the lowermost pan drawer which gives you an idea of its generous proportions. They can hold up to 40kg thanks to the high-grade runners, and are lined with Black-Bronze rods to protect the oak from scuffs.

Curved cabinetry

Neptune Curved cabinetry“ title=

Curves can help to achieve a more traditional kitchen design, or, they can bring softness to one that’s somewhere between traditional and modern. They take a great deal of time and skill to craft and so not every kitchen maker offers them. We do, in every collection except Limehouse.

Slim spaces

Neptune Slim spaces“ title=

Pull-out cabinets, chopping block and tray slots, tea towel rails - these are all slim space concepts that are excellent at filling gaps, or for framing key components such as a cooker. Even the smalles design has the potential for high performance.

Drawers in drawers


Sometimes you’ll spy an extra drawer within a cabinet. It may be a cutlery drawer or a cleverly disguised compartment inside our concealed bin cabinet that offers a much-needed place to pop bin liners and neutralisers.

Countertop bi-fold cabinet

Neptune Countertop bi-fold cabinet” title=

Our countertop cabinets are a much-loved feature in every collection, but Henley is the only one to offer this open-base design with solid bi-fold doors. Clutter is kept contained and well-disguised, appliances can sit on the work surface but they too can hide behind closed doors, and the bi-fold mechanism means minimal space is occupied when they’re opend out.

Cutlery inserts

Neptune Cutlery inserts“ title=

Henley features our Black-Bronze dividing prisms and oak insert. Together they create a beautiful storage framework, but also the option to move things about, to configure and to organise as you see fit.

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